The next Ceilidh dance is on Friday March 25, 2022.  Do try to come along and bring lots of friends.

March Hare   6 x 32 R     Susan Worland Bentley        The March Hare

Biggar Hills seen from Tinto Hill

We are looking forward with great anticipation to March 25 when we will hold the next Ceilidh Dance.  All systems are “go” – we have musicians, Alison is planning the dances, the liquor licence is arranged, we have volunteers coming to check your vaccination passports (yes you still need to show them) and of course the hall is booked – so all we need is you!  Please come and support this Ceilidh dance and join in a safe evening of fun and good healthy exercise.

We will still have to conform to the regulations of both the Provincial rules and those of the Scottish Hall.  Currently they will mean everyone attending will have to show a vaccine passport and proof of identification and mask wearing  will be mandatory except when dancing.   

RSCDS dance classes are starting up again but check the website for the various dates for the different clubs –

The 2021/22 season for Ceilidh Dances are scheduled (all on Friday evenings) as follows:-

March 25
April 29
Mark your calendars now!

The dances will be classified as a class as all dances will be taught and will be held at the Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver but, there is a slight change of time.  The class will be held in the large hall from 7:00 – 7:45 then we will all exit to give the band a chance for a sound check etc. and the dance class will run from 8:00 – 10:30 with live music by Calanais.  Alison will continue to be your teacher/caller so you are guaranteed to have a great evening.  No change to the admission – still $15 with students $10.

Let us all hope that we are getting back together for dancing and fun again.  Any questions?  please contact me –



The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the biggest event ever organized in France.

Can you spot the ad, “Paris 2024” created by the wheelchair athletes’ arms towards the end of the video? A true performance of perfection. Imagine the hours of practice that went into this!

Great synchronization


Check out “Maestro” from Illogic Studios on Vimeo




Ferry leaving Hunters Quay

In order to keep the Ceilidh Dances running it takes a number of volunteers to do various jobs such as: –
  • getting the liquor licence
  • re-stocking the supply of drinks and refreshments and getting them to the hall
  • Filling the water jugs before and during the dance
  • Checking the vaccine passports & identification of all attendees
  • Collecting the entrance fees, keeping track of the number of dancers, reconciling the funds collected, adding the donations, paying the expenses
  • Calculating the cost of the drinks used 
  • Etc.
  • Etc.
These duties are not necessarily for one person.  Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to help at the Ceilidh dances?   If so please send me an email –


Many of you will have seen this but I get requests to show it again – here is the voice recognition elevator.

Voice recognition lift- eleven – Transcribed | Dotsub


You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate this one!!

A man suffered a serious heart attack while shopping in a store.

The store clerk called 000 when they saw him collapse to the floor.

The paramedics rushed the man to the nearest hospital where he had emergency open heart bypass surgery.

He awakened from the surgery to find himself in the care of nuns at the Catholic Hospital.  A nun was seated next to his bed holding a clipboard loaded with several forms, and a pen. She asked him how he was going to pay for his treatment. “Do you have health insurance?” she asked.

He replied in a raspy voice, “No health insurance.”

The nun asked, “Do you have money in the bank?”

He replied, “No money in the bank.”

Do you have a relative who could help you with the payments?” asked the irritated nun.

He said, “I only have a spinster sister, and she is a nun.”

The nun became agitated and announced loudly, “Nuns are not spinsters!   Nuns are married to God.”

The patient replied, “Perfect. Send the bill to my brother-in-law.”




Glen Quoich


Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.


I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes.


Glen Feshie


The Road To The Isles & Castles In The Air – 4 x 32 S       Jimmy Shand And His Band          A Scottish Fancy


Isle of Muck – the end of Storm Eunice



Subject: The Dance – WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST! Then read the text below





This classical dance was created in China and broadcast at Shanghai Disneyland.

They are not dance artists, but robots made in China.   The performance time is only about 5 minutes, but the waiting time for tickets is 4 hours, and the ticket price is 499 yuan. ($75)   It is more complex than Japan’s and has perfect facial expressions.   Both dancers are robots. They look so real that they cannot be distinguished from actual humans.


The Old Bridge at the Sligachan River on Skye.  Legend has it that if one dips their face in the waters they shall be granted the gift of eternal beauty.


After getting all of Pope Francis’s luggage loaded into the limo at the airport the driver notices the Pope is still standing on the curb.   “Excuse me, Your Holiness,” says the driver, “Would you please take your seat so we can leave?”

“Well, to tell you the truth,” says the Pope, “they never let me drive at the Vatican , and I’d really like to drive today.”

“I’m sorry, Your Holiness, but I cannot let you do that. I’d lose my job! What if something should happen?” protests the driver, wishing he’d never gone to work that morning.

“Who’s going to tell?” asks the Pope with a smile.

Reluctantly, the driver gets into the back as the Pope climbs in behind the wheel.

The driver quickly regrets his decision when, after exiting the airport, the Pontiff floors it, accelerating the limo to 130 mph.

“Please slow down, Your Holiness,” pleads the worried driver, but the Pope keeps the pedal to the metal until they hear sirens.

“Oh, dear God, I’m going to lose my license — and my job!” moans the driver.

The Pope pulls over and rolls down the window as the cop approaches; but the cop takes one look at him, goes back to his motorcycle, and gets on the radio.

“I need to talk to the Chief,” he says to the dispatcher.

The Chief gets on the radio and the cop tells him that he’s stopped a limo going 130 mph.

“So bust him,” says the Chief.

“I don’t think we want to do that. He’s really important,” said the cop.

The Chief exclaimed, “All the more reason!”

“No, I mean really important,” said the cop with a bit of persistence.

The Chief then asked, “Who do you have there, the mayor?”

Cop: “Bigger.”

Chief: “A senator?”

Cop: “Bigger.”

Chief: “The President?”

Cop: “Bigger.”

“Well,” said the Chief, “who is it?

Cop: “I think it’s GOD!”

The Chief is even more puzzled and curious, “What makes you think it’s God?”

Cop: “His chauffeur is the Pope!”


Clovenfords in the Borders


Interesting story.


Now try your own birthdate


Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis and surrounding features.  How it has changed!


This is an ad, but you won’t find out who/what for till the end – outstanding!



Glen Rosa, Isle of Arran



Don’t Try To Outsmart People Who Are Smarter Than You



Parallel parking


March And Waltz – Rob Fraser’s Welcome To San Francisco – Ashokan Farewell                    Alastair Fraser And Muriel Johnstone            Just As It Was 1


The spectacular All About Us sound and light  show which is taking place each evening at Paisley Abbey from 1-6 March and is well worth a visit


mammatus clouds that were seen over some parts of Scotland during Storm Dudley.




squall moving across Loch Torridon capturing the wind sucking the water off the loch getting it just as a sliver of sunshine hit to create a bit of a rainbow

Have you had both Jabs?  If not why?  What are you waiting for?  You will not be admitted to Ceilidh Dances unless you have had 2 jabs of the approved vaccines – NEXT CEILIDH DANCE IS ON March 25, 2022 which is JUST over 2 Weeks away!!

May your troubles be one, may your blessings be more,
and may nothing but happiness come through your door.

Duncan MacKenzie