Here we are in June already – gosh how time flies by when you lead a busy and full life. We had fun at the Fund Raising Ceilidh for the BC Lung Association last night. They had sold about 300 tickets but I would think maybe 200 came along and a goodly number got up to dance. It was noisy with everyone talking and of course there was a huge selection of items in a silent auction (I bid successfully on one item which I will not name as I may give it as a present!!) and then there was a 50/50 draw where the winner pocketed $1,191 (not too bad) and door prizes. The organizers seemed happy with their efforts and I am sure someone will let me know the final total that was raised.

The Vancouver Fiddle Orchestra again donated their time as did the Branch Demonstration Team and both were well received. The sound was not too good at the start but when it was patched through the house system it was so much better and I did not have to shout over the din which meant I still had a voice this morning. We packed up about 11:30 and I got home to watch Andy playing in the French Open and doing his usual stuff by making it very hard on himself – not closing it out in 4 sets when he had the chance and then having to carry the game over to today due to darkness when the match was tied at 2 sets each and 7 all in the 5th. I gather he managed to win today 12-10 but that will not do him any good if he plays like that in the next round.

Even though we skipped through the match it was late to bed and I am tired today!! I did spend Friday and Saturday working very hard in the back garden which, apart from Margaret’s “wild garden” which is so full of plants that I have no idea which are flowers that should be kept and which are weeds, is looking quite good even though I say that myself. I ordered 2 more large green garden waste carts so now we have 4 and they are full to the brim. My neighbour is away so I have filled his regular and large ones, topped up the 2 neighbours cans across the street and still have another can full. The garbage “engineers” are not happy when I put out cans they cannot lift by the truck forks so I may have to keep it until next week.

Linnets on The Oa, Islay

Linnets on the Oa, Islay

We still have the pleasure of Kirsten and spouse Ken from Terrace BC staying with us. Margaret was out late last night tooand they were up early and gone before we were up and about. They did leave us some breakfast pancakes which was very nice. It appears they set the house alarm off last night so will have to find out what happened when they come back later this evening.

The next regular Ceilidh Dance isnot untilFriday,September 26, 2014– in the Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver.Start tomake plans to come along as we really need all of you. This is a fun and inexpensive way to have an enjoyable evening out with family and friends. Tell at least 2 friends to join you, forward this e-mail to more friends and encourage them to sign up for the newsletter and to come to the Ceilidh Dance. Think of the great exercise you get as well.


Lismore Lighthouse 2

Lismore lighthouse

Note a new series of classes on various nights over the summer – Summer fun for experienced dancers at Harmsworth Hall, 7070 — 232nd Street, Langley from 7:30 — 10:00 p.m. Drop in fee $5 info from Diane dicoulo@gmail.com or 604-533-0023

A note from the Celtic Treasure Chest that theyHave received notice fromHealth Canada that a number of imported products such as Bisto, Irn Bru, etc. willhave to be taken off the shelves as they do not conform to Canadian health regulations. You may still be able to purchase them for a few more days but get into the store very soon. There may be other products banned when they get a visit from the Health officers sometime this week. Note that, despite rumours to the contrary,the two storesare not for sale, nor are there any plans toclose either store. www.celtictreasurechest.com

Bagpipe small


A reminder about two annual events which deserve our support and they both involve young dancers.

On Friday, June 13 The Stave Falls Dancers present Scotland the Brave in the Clarke Theatre in Mission while on Sunday, June 22 the Inverglen Scottish Dancers annual performance is entitled Dance with Your Soul andis in the Magee School Theatre in Vancouver.

These are always a very enjoyable events and well worth the time and the cost. See “Upcoming Events” for all the details.



This should be taken seriously!!!
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caber kitten



I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. I just can’t put it down.

I did a theatrical performance about puns. It was a play on words.


Logie's Lane St Andrews

Logie’s Lane, St. Andrews

An article in a recent edition of the National Post is applicable to the Ball and to Scottish Country Dancing in general. Check out https://life.nationalpost.com/2013/11/02/jane-macdougall-it-battle-of-fun-vs-the-gym-scottish-dancing-wins-every-time/

Thanks Gill for the tip.

=========================================================== Bike

Thanks to many of you who have helped by sponsoring myson Ian who is, once again, planning to join the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Theride takes place June 14 and 15 so there is not much time left. He would love to raise a few more dollars for a very worthy cause. If you can spare a few dollars please go to his web page at https://www.conquercancer.ca/site/TR?px=2334459&pg=personal&fr_id=1514&fl=en_US&et=KdIGldm86qpjCDDifJSkTA&s_tafId=319232

Highland dancers



The enlarged Vancouver Branch Demonstration Team moved to Laurier School for their practise last Thursday. I went to the expense of getting 2 balloons so everyone could find the entrance to the gym but they were stolen when I was inside marking off the measurements for the track!! We were again missinga few peoplebut thanks to a few dancers who volunteered as spares we had 45 dancers so were able to get partnered up and work on the opening dance on our programme and then we also did the 2nd and final one too. It was hard for those dancing with ghosts but hopefully this week we will finally manage to get 48 dancers. We meetagain this Thursdayat the gym at Laurier School where we should have a bit more space. We are praying that the school strike does not continue and that it will not affect our Thursday practises. last week Vancouver schools were struck on Monday and this week it will be Friday.

Because of a double booking the final Massed Dance class on Wednesday, June 18 will also be held at Laurier School, 7350 Laurel Street starting at 7 p.m.


loirston loch Cove

Loirston Loch


For the 60th anniversary of the White Rock club members made table centrepieces representing different dances. Some of you might not have seen these works of art. They are all available, along with other photos, on the club website at www.wrscdc.org under the tab photos & slide shows then under 2014 and 60th Ball centrepieces.


Hello everyone. The Highland Games will be on Saturday June 21st this year. Anyone that would like to volunteer again please let me know. I know a lot of people compete and have set schedules for the day, so let me know the times you would be available and I will try to make a schedule for the day that will suit. Thank you very much Duncan Campbell — 604-944-2977 DCampbell@designroofing.ca


The new dance competition has closed- good luck to all who submitted a dance. Successful devisors will be notified in due course.

§§§§§§ §§§§§§ §§§§§§ §§§§§§ §§§§§§ §§§§§§ §§§§§§ §§§§§§ §§§§§§ §§§§§§ §§§§§§ §§


Looking over Loch Enoch towards the Range o' the Awfu' Hand

Loch Enoch-towards the Range o the Awfu Hand

The Scottish Cultural Centre is a pretty unique and wonderful asset and space is available for rentto anyone or any group.The Centre does not run itself but is actually run by the United Scottish Cultural Society (USCS). Memberships in this Society are for individuals only and presently cost $10 annually. Membership Application Forms may be obtained either at the Centre or on the USCS website – www.scottishculturalcentre.com . Any person may join USCS and Scottish Ceilidh Dancers are encouraged to show their support by doing so. If any USCS member would like to be more involved, then, Darryl Carracher, the Manager at the Centre, will be pleased to give you further information. At the present time we need to replace the roof which will be a major expense and quotes will be requested from roofing contractors. Upgrades to the Centre are also being considered so it is particularly appropriate that dancers join USCS. No final decisions on these upgrades will be made before Members of USCS are fully informed.


picture needs no words

no explanation required!



Use your hair conditioner to shave your legs. It’s cheaper than shaving cream
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The next Ceilidh Dance is not until Friday, September 26th, 2014 but you can dance every Monday evening, weather permitting, come down toCeperley Park in Stanley Park near 2nd Beach starting June 16 from 7 – 9 p.m. If it is wet at 5 p.m. the dancing will be cancelled but you can call 604-922-6842 or 604-224-6751 or try www.rscdsvancouver.org or facebook.com/RSCDSVancouver.

Dancing in the Park is FREE!!! and no partner or experience necessary – just bring your smiles and I would suggest flat, comfy shoes. Check the Coming Events listing as there is a theme for each night so join in the fun.

Michelle has very kindly made up a Facebook event page for the Ceilidh but you need to “Search for Vancouver Ceilidh on Facebook and “Like” us to receive updates on upcoming Ceilidhs and other events”. Then, if you “Like” the Vancouver Ceilidh FB page (do as described above), you too will receive updates AND be able to share those updates and events on your personal Facebook page to your friends and ask that they “Like” and “Share”, etc. Ceilidh Dances are great ways to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc. Invite all your friends to come and join you at the Ceilidh. You are welcome to bring your own cake and we’ll even sing for you!!


Information received this week:

Dear Scottish and Celtic enthusiasts,

Welcome to the e-mail list of the SFU Scottish and Celtic Society; the club connecting you to all things Scottish and Celtic at SFU and the community. As members of this mailing list, you will receive updates on events and learning opportunities. All are welcome to participate and enjoy.

Facebook Group:

As of today, our new Facebook Group is launched and available to join. It is an ‘Open’ group. Anyone can join and invite their friends. We will create Facebook ‘Events’ for all our occasions. Join today at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/451447541666799/

Scottish Movie Night:

Our first event will be to air a Scottish film at the SFU Burnaby Campus. All are welcome to attend, free of charge, and enjoy free snacks and popcorn. The plan is to show a Scottish or Celtic themed movie every semester. Stay tuned for more info.


Thomas Budd
President, SFU Scottish and Celtic Society


There were some very good pictures taken at the January 4, 2013 Ceilidh Dance which have been posted on the RSCDS Vancouver Branch Facebook page. If you do not want your picture on that page please contact web@rscdsvancouver.org. The link for the pictures is: www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.316825198419573.56421.149674745134620&type=3


Thanks for the tips on how to get pictures etc. from my e-mails to the newsletter. I have downloaded Irfan View which seems to work very well


looking-south-east-Forth islands from above Burntisland

looking south-east – Forth islands from above Burntisland

Some fun and interesting sites: – note if you have a link to something you think others would enjoy please forward them to me.

Watch the following short clip, it takes less than a minute.

A daughter is visiting her father and is helping in the kitchen.She asks: “Tell me dad, how are you managing with the newiPad we gave you for your birthday?

This clip is spoken in German but it’s totally understandable in any language.


This is particularly useful for comparing birds which are oftenconfused due to similar songs.For example: catbird and thrasher, grosbeak and robin, phoebe andchickadee. Click on the birds and they will sing. Leave your mouse on the birduntil it stops singing. There is sometimes a few seconds pause duringthe performance.






It always amazes me how long it takes to put this newsletter together. Of course I am a two finger typist (one on each hand) and have to look at the keyboard all the time. This also explains why I could never learn to play the piano – my left hand always wants to do the same as the right one!!




The next Ceilidh Dance will be heldon Friday,September 26, 2014. Same time, same place, same price (so long as there is a big attendance), same amount of fun and entertainment. Now it is up to you all to help by planning on coming along and bringing loads of friends, family, acquaintances, etc. We need to improve the attendance to make the dances financially viable. Please do your best to spread the word. Let me know if you would like a poster to put up.



“When Iread about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.”

Paul Horning



A new website for kilts and accessories. Prices seem excellent, no idea of quality or trustworthiness though: www.aglowmusichouse.com


Subscriptions are still fairly stable with a few new additions but some also unsubscribing. This newsletter willgo out to393 people in many cities, provinces & countries. This is tantalizinglyonly7 short of my goalto get back to 400.

Can you help to find these7people to make my total?If only everyone who says they will sign up (including relatives!) would do so we would be there. Please pass along the website to your friends and ask them tosubscribe – it is free!! www.vancouverceilidh.org At time of writing this last week’s newsletter was opened by222 subscribers or 57.2% of the total list which is muchlower than recent weeks – but it was a short week as I did not get the newsletter out until Tuesday.I know some of you prefer to go to the website and open the newsletter from there so the number is even higher.Please keep opening the newsletter!!

Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.


An online contact for dance and marching shoes (ghillies, pumps, brogues, etc.) is Bruce Griffith at www.avriel.com


Caber toss 3

Events happening in the immediate future includethe last Programme class on the 28th, a lecture atDouglas College on the 29th and the BC Lung Association Ceilidh Dance on the 31st.Please see “Coming Events” below for all information.

Lough Tay

Lough Tay


If anyone has any suggestions or complaints regarding the newsletter, please let me know – ceilidh@rscdsvancouver.org Please do not complain to your server that this is junk mail. There is a link on the e-mail should you wish to unsubscribe.

sfu victoria

COMING EVENTS IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS: Note: Please check list of classes for all start times and locations.

Jun 4 Highland Games practices at the Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. Open to everyone — no charge! Sign up now call or e-mail Jean at 604-464-8103 or tac@rscdsvancouver.org Lots of fun — come help celebrate the Branch’s 50 year celebration at the Games
Jun 6 – 8 Midwest Scottish Weekend at Beloit College, in Beloit, WI. Information about our fifth annual Midwest Scottish Weekend is now available on our website at https://sites.google.com/site/midwestscottishweekend/ Registration materials, including a PayPal link, are also set to go. Our music this year is by “A Parcel of Rogues” — Calum Pasqua on fiddle and Susie Petrov on piano and accordion. Our primary teacher is Rebecca Blackhall-Peters from Vancouver & Susie Petrov will also teach dance classes, showing another of her talents.
Jun 11 Highland Games practices at the Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. Open to everyone — no charge! Sign up now call or e-mail Jean at 604-464-8103 or tac@rscdsvancouver.org Lots of fun — come help celebrate the Branch’s 50 year celebration at the Games
Jun 13 Stave Falls Scottish Dancers present “Scotland the Brave” at 7:30 p.m. in Clarke Theatre, Mission. Admission: Adults $15; Seniors and Children $10 – all information at 604-462-9935
Jun 16 Dancing in the Park starts with a bang as the host is the Burnaby Club and the music will be by the Vancouver Fiddle Orchestra — Sit & listen/ Dance have fun
Jun 19 Highland Games practices at Laurier Elementary School, 7350 Laurel Street, Vancouver (1 block eat of 57th & Oak) from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Open to everyone — no charge! Sign up now call or e-mail Jean at 604-464-8103 or tac@rscdsvancouver.org Lots of fun — come help celebrate the Branch’s 50 year celebration at the Games
Jun 21 BC Highland Games Percy Perry Stadium, Coquitlam BC – Admission: Adults $15; Seniors/students $10 Children (6-12) $5 all info at www.bchighlandgames.com
Jun 22 The Inverglen Scottish Dancers annual recital “Dance with your Soul” at Magee Secondary Theatre, 6360 Maple Street, Vancouver at 2 p.m. Tickets: Adults $14; seniors 65 + & children 12 – $10 All info from 604-605-0890 or www.inverglenscottishdancers.com
Jun 23 Dancing in the Park hosted by the Fort Langley Club — Tartan night
Jun 24 Puget Sound Crossroads — Dance in Friday Harbor
Jun 24 Tim Eriksen & Trio de Pumpkintown 8pm @ St James Hall 3214 West 10th Ave @ Trutch St
Tickets for $24 ($20 members) available online at
www.roguefolk.bc.ca, in person at Highlife Records & Rufus’ Guitar Shop, or call the Rogue Ticket Hotline at 604-736-3022.
Tim Eriksen is acclaimed for transforming American tradition with his startling interpretations of old ballads, love songs, shape-note gospel and dance tunes from New England and Southern Appalachia.
The Trio de Pumpkintown celebrates the songs of a fictional New England village in fresh, acoustic arrangements. Much of their music comes from the 18th and 19th centuries: love songs, murder ballads, songs of travel on the high seas, rollicking Afro-Celtic sing-alongs, music of local francophone and Scottish communities and shape-note harmony including that of 18th century Native American composer Metacomet Samson. In addition to their traditional New England repertoire, the Trio also plays their own original music and, occasionally, songs by local P’town bands and music drawn from their contact with more recent immigrants to the area.
Jun 27 Summer fun for experienced dancers at Harmsworth Hall, 7070 — 232nd Street, Langley from 7:30 — 10:00 p.m. Drop in fee $5 info from Diane dicoulo@gmail.com or 604-533-0023
Jun 30 Dancing in the Park hosted by the Deep Cove Club — come celebrate the eve of Canada Day wear red & white!
Jul 1 Canada Day Parade downtown Vancouver at 7 p.m. Come and support the Scottish Country and Ceilidh Dance entry. Call or e-mail Cathrine at 604-299-6447 or ccmusic@telus.net

““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““` “

Once again, The Washington Post has published thewinning submissions to its yearlyneologism contest,in which readers are asked to supply alternatemeanings for common words.

The winners are:

Testicle (n.), a humorous question on anexam.

Rectitude (n.), the formal, dignified bearingadopted by proctologists.


Lower Gledfield

Lower Glenfield

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Come Scottish Country Dancing – it is lots of fun. Just ask anyone who came along to the Dancing in the Park. We had great audience participation so I hope you will all come along and join one of our great classes or at least come to one of the Ceilidh Dances.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Lower Largo 2069

Lower Largo

The next Ceilidh Dance isnot untilFriday,September 26, 2014 with live music by Calanaish. You still have time to spread the word about all the Ceilidh Dances as that is the best (and cheapest) form of advertising. It is great exercise and fun, for all ages, too.

Here is a link where you can watch a short video of a Ceilidh Dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MvUwZnY9Ms and here is a link to the Facebook advert: https://www.facebook.com/events/597360563665264/597360566998597/ The format for all of the regular monthly Ceilidh Dances will be the same with the class from 7 — 8 p.m. and the dance from 8 — 11 p.m. and all dances will be walked and talked through. The price is only – $10 or $8 for students which, for what you get is a super bargain — everyone is welcome. No partner is required and you should wear FLAT, comfy shoes and loose clothing. Children are also welcome but should be prepared to dance with other people as some of the dances require a change of partner. Don’t forget to bring a few extra $$$$ to help defray the cost of the refreshments which are otherwise free.


For those who enjoy listening to Scottish music, song, banter etc. try www.andysceilidh.co.uk/ this is a radio programme that you can get sent to you and listen any time you want. Andy is asking everyone to send in their requests so if you have a favourite Scottish tune, song, recitation, band, performer, choir or whatever send an e-mail to andyrossbw@aol.com


The Branch has opened a Facebook Page at “RSCDS-Vancouver” – check it out there are some good pictures etc. www.facebook.com/rscdsvancouver.

There is a link on both our website www.vancouverceilidh.org and the Branch website www.rscdsvancouver.org

It really is never too late to come along and join in one of many Scottish Country Dance (SCD) classes and well any time is a great time to do it. You will be made very welcome. Many classes have a policy that the first night is FREE! Plan to come along to try out a class next week.

There are classes all around and on different nights so GIVE IT A GO! Go to either www.rscdsvancouver.org or www,vancouverceilidh.org for a list of class locations and times.

bagpiper modern


For those who don’t know SCD is a fabulous pastime which is super exercise for body and mind. SCD is, naturally, rooted in Scotland but there are groups in almost every country so you can learn here and then dance with other groups when you vacation or travel. SCD is not to be confused with Highland Dancing which is more solo dancing. SCD is usually done with a partner in groups or sets however you do not need to come with a partner. It is more akin to Square Dancing.

caber toss 4

It takes a year or two of classes, workshops, etc. to learn the basics then you can hone your skills in advanced classes. You start by learning the steps and formations. Dances (of which there are over 13,000) are made up of these formations so a good grounding will give you the ability to learn a new dance fairly quickly. SCD has its HQ in Scotland and is known as the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) and there is a Vancouver Branch of the RSCDS under which there are many clubs throughout the Province (there is also a Branch in Seattle).

Piper Man

There are a great many classes and the ones in the Vancouver area are listed below. Come along — check us out — the first night is usually free and thereafter it will average about $6 a night and that’s for a 2 hour class! You will find many friendly people who will be eager to help you and welcome you to their club. You never know you actually might like it!! Check the list of classes at either at www.vancouverceilidh.org or www.rscdsvancouver.org. Note that the latter website has the latest updates to temporary changes to times and locations as well there are classes all up and down Vancouver Island, a number of the Gulf Islands, the Cariboo, Okanagan, etc. etc. and there are various groups all over this great Province, Country, World and who knows where else! Check the Branch website for all these details – www.rscdsvancouver.org

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! St patrick's Day Dancers===========================================================

For upcoming events see www.vancouverceilidh.org and www.rscdsvancouver.org.

Other announcements etc: Seattle Branch – info at www.rscds-seattle.org


The next regular monthly Ceilidh Dance will be heldon Friday,September 26, 2014in the Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street, (73rd & Hudson which is between Oak & Granville), Vancouver, We need everyone to help us get as many new comers (as well as former Ceilidh Dancers) as possible to come and join us. The Ceilidh Dances are a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Invite all your friends along. Contact me if you will have a group of 12 or more and we can give them a discount!!!

We Really NEED YOUR HELP to advertise the Ceilidh Dances!!!! It only costs $10 ($8 for students) – it is worth so much more in fun, exercise and camaraderie. Use any access to free adverts etc. You can also use things like the YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh2HV3OPBgw or the Face-book page https://www.facebook.com/p.php?i=116203315&k=Z5C5Y4TZPT6G6BD1PKZZTWQQQ6BAW26L34AV&oid=164741310207760 https://www.facebook.com/events/597360563665264/597360566998597/

Suggestions to improve our advertising are always welcome. Don’t forget to tell them about the website www.vancouverceilidh.org and get them to “subscribe” to the newsletter.



Most of you have been to at least one Ceilidh Dance so you know how it goes. You don’t need a partner; you don’t need any experience; you should wear FLAT soft soled shoes; we walk, talk, and call every dance and you should come to have fun and have a good evening of exercise and entertainment and maybe even to learn! There is a FREE class from 7 — 8 p.m. and the dance from 8 — 11 p.m. with music by Calanais. Remember to bring some extra cash so you can make a donation towards the cost of the refreshments. Without these donations we will have to increase the price of admission again!!

The schedule for the 2013/14 season shapes up as follows:

All on Fridays of course —

September 26
October 24
November 28
January 9
February 6
February 27
March 27
April 24

Come along and get some great exercise while also having lots of fun. We are still working on improving the strength of the smile muscles as well as the bows and curtsies!

Please do your best to assist us in letting as many people know as possible.Use Face-book, e-mail, telephone or even word of mouth and tell everyone you know what a fun night it is. We need to attract students from Universities and allcolleges. Somehow we have to get word out to these students. Please do all you can to help us.

Come one, come all to the same place (Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver) and the same time (7 p.m. for the class and 8 – 11 p.m. for the dance) and the same amazing price ($10 or $8 for students.) You should check the website – www.vancouverceilidh.org– from time to time as you can find various pages listing “Ceilidhs and Events;” Classes:” Duncan’s List;” etc. On these pages you can check all the upcoming events, where all the classes are located, times, etc. and some places to find Scottish things or some local trades, etc.

I will continue to highlight the more current events in each week’s newsletter but, as stated, the calendar of all events will be available on the website. You should also have a look at the Vancouver Branch website from time to time – www.rscdsvancouver.org – as there is always useful information on it and it is a very good-looking site.

If you have any questions regarding the Ceilidh Dances send them to me at ceilidh@rscdsvancouver.org

Please check the website – www.rscdsvancouver.org for updates, pictures and news. Dance — it is good for your health.

Lower Manish & the Minch from Ard Manais

Lower Manish – the Minch from Ard Manais

Keep sending jokes, pictures and info you wish to have included. Don’t forget to look at our web pages at www.vancouverceilidh.org

If you know of anyone who would like to be on the mailing list please send them the web address – www.vancouverceilidh.org and ask them to subscribe. If anyone has good pictures from the Ceilidh Dances please send them to me so I can put them on the web page.

If you have any announcements please send them to me preferably in Word; Times New Roman 12pt format with a layout similar to the one used in this newsletter. I occasionally hear of an event somewhere in our beautiful Province, on the Island or in the Interior, but don’t know all the details. This newsletter reaches out to some393 subscribersfrom all over the Province, Country and to many other countries as well, so please send me the details of your event and I will only be too happy to include them.


One day, a man came home and was greeted by his wife dressed in a very Sexy nightie.
‘Tie me up,’ she purred, ‘and you can do anything you want.’
So he tied her up and went golfing.

Enjoy yourselves – come Scottish Country Dancing – for it is good for your health and you never know you just might …..! See Coming Events on the website for info – www.vancouverceilidh.org

Luskentyre Beach, Harris

Luskentyre Beach

May your troubles be one, may your blessings be more, and may nothing but happiness come through your door.

DUNCAN ceilidh@rscdsvancouver.org