Ceilidh Dance newsletter – next Ceilidh Dance Friday, March 30, 2012


Thanks to those of you who took the time to send me a comment on the new method of distributing the newsletter.   It was all very positive although one person would prefer to have a white page rather than the off white one.   I don’t know how, or if, I can change that but I will look into it in due course.   Maybe I can have a green page for St Paddy’s Day and a pink one for Valentine’s.   If anyone has any suggestions or complaints regarding the newsletter please let me know – ceilidh@rscdsvancouver.org

A good attendance at Burnaby last night to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the club.  There was a HUGE cake which they might be eating for a few weeks but we never got to sing “Happy Birthday!”  Rosemary had made up a fun and interesting programme and the dance which she devised – Burnaby at 40 – was very well received and enjoyed.

Congratulations Burnaby and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

The Vancouver Fiddle Orchestra, who were under the direction of Cathrine Conings as Janet Wright was off on vacation, were in good form.   They were certainly squeezed together on the small stage but they had a nice compact sound helped, no doubt, by their able sound engineer.

Passionate kiss, like spider web, leads to undoing of fly.


Tickets for the Heather Ball on Saturday, March 17 are still available – $75 – online at www.rscdsvancouver.org   Music is by the one and only Scottish Accent from Toronto while the location at the Gizeh Temple has the fantastic sprung wooden floor which is a dream to dance on. Come and enjoy the wonderful music and dances like “Geese in the Bog.” GET YOUR TICKET NOW!!

Classes that will work on some of the dances for the Heather Ball

Mondays March 5 & 12 Burnaby, Deep Cove & Branch
Tuesdays March 6 & 13 Glenayre, West End
Wednesdays March 7 & 14 Gleneagles (7th only) & Branch
Thursday March 8 Delta & Marie’s morning class
Thursday March 15 Special class at the Cultural Centre in the evening & Marie’s morning class

NOTE: If you have some heather or know of someplace you can get some please bring to class on Thursday evening March 15.

Further Note to clubsThere will be a table at the Heather Ball on which you can place any advertising material, registration forms, etc. about upcoming events so get organised and have them ready to bring with you.

Special NOTE:   The Grand March will begin at 7:30 p.m. not 7 p.m. as shown in the White Cockade.


Lady who goes camping must beware of evil intent.

NOTE:- the BC Highland Games is to be held on Saturday June 23, 2012. This is a week earlier than normal so please help us by passing this information along.
The BC Highland Games Organizing Committee has put out an urgent appeal for volunteers.
50 to 75 volunteers are also needed on the day of the games.
If you are able to assist, please contact Jim Bain (604-435-0764) or Glenna Urbshadt (604-224-5479).

Check out the BC Highland Games website at www.bchighlandgames.com  A Sponsorship package is available from the website so if you or you know of anyone who would like to sponsor the Games and/or advertise in the programme please download the form and pass it on.

Charles MacIntosh (1766-1843)
Invented Raincoat
Glasgow-born chemist developed technique of sandwiching a layer of rubber between two layers of cloth, making it waterproof. It was first used for an 1824 Arctic expedition. His name lives on today when we refer to wearing a mackintosh or a mac.


Just a normal week and I actually danced on Monday night (though it was sore afterwards) so I did not dance too much at class on Tuesday.   I had meetings on Wednesday that went on too late to get to the White Rock class and on Thursday there were 17 of us so I just played the music and taught the dances.   No dance on Friday, went to watch my grandson playing in a soccer final instead (they lost 2-1).   It was very wet and cold.   A good game and the better team won.   Saturday afternoon we went to Wilson Dillon’s Memorial in West Vancouver then dashed back to White Rock to change, pick up Davene and her double bass to get her to the dance in Burnaby by 7 ish.  I did get up for quite a few dances but walked then mostly.

We did get out in the garden last Monday and filled a number of cans and bags with leaves, cedar droppings, etc. but it was just a scratch in our garden and you would not know we had done anything.  Hopefully it will be dry on Wednesday as that is, so far, a free day.

Don’t forget that next Sunday morning at 2 a.m. you have to put your clocks forward 1 hour.   Yes PDST will be here this time next week.


Money isn’t everything, but it sure keeps the kids in touch.

COMING EVENTS IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS – see www.vancouverceilidh.org for a longer list and check out the updates to the Youth West Weekend and the White Rock Ceilidh and Dance.

Mar  9 Seattle advanced class at Phinney, Room 7 from 7:25 to 9:25 — RSCDS members $7; others $9
Mar 10 Bellingham monthly dance
Mar 10 RSCDS Portland Oregon Branch 33rd annual workshop & ball with teachers Fiona Miller, Lethbridge and Andrew Smith, Emporia and musicians Andy Imbrie, Deby Benton & Renata Bratt
Mar 17 Heather Ball with the same super band — “The Scottish Accent” –  but back at the Gizeh Temple — that’s the hall with the fantastic sprung wood floor.   Tickets are $75 available online at www.rscdsvancouver.org – get yours soon!!
Mar 10 — 18 Celtic Fest Celebrations — www.celticfestvancouver.com
Mar 18 St. Patrick’s day Parade — downtown Vancouver — all dancers are asked to come and join in.
Mar 23 Ceilidh for Children’s Hospital in the Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver with the Vancouver Fiddle Orchestra.
Mar 25 White Rock spring workshop with Maureen Lyon.   Advanced dancers 9 a.m. — noon – Bring own lunch (coffee & tea supplied) then stay to join the Beginner/intermediate class from 1 — 3 p.m.
Mar 30 Ceilidh Dance in the Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver. Class at 7 p.m. and dance from 8 — 11 p.m.  Admission at the door $10 (students etc. $8)
Mar 31 Glenayre spring dance


A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning.
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The husband said, ‘You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee.’
Wife replies, ‘No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible that the man should do the coffee.’
Husband replies, ‘I can’t believe that, show me.’
So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages, that it indeed says ‘HEBREWS’
The next Ceilidh Dance is Friday, March 30. I would appreciate if you could tell all your friends about it, invite them all to come along for, as you know, it is a fun evening. Class at 7 p.m. and the dance from 8 – 11 p.m. all for the amazing price of $10 (students$8) – what a bargain!! I would truly love to have a really big crowd.

Don’t forget the extra Ceilidh dance on March 23 with the proceeds going to help an operating room nurse at Children’s Hospital provide the necessary medical aid to his child.

My son, Ian, has signed up to take part in the Ride to Conquer Cancer this June. To donate and help Ian make his goal go to


Ian’s update:-

Many of you may not know that I have drastically increased me target, setting it at $15,000.   That’s a very big number and thanks to your donation, I am now past the $9,000 mark.   My goal is to get a polka dot jersey – this is new this year.  They only give out 10 of them, to the first 10 people to cross the $15,000 fundraising threshold.  They have already awarded five.  I am closing in on the target, with 5 people in front of me.  I think I can do it – I have been harassing all those that haven’t donated yet and those that promised to donate.   It is getting close.  I am in 11th place on the fundraising list and I think numbers 8 and 9 are going nowhere, so it’s possible.

So the deal I made with everyone is this.  If I get a polka dot jersey (which is wonderfully garish and ugly), I’ll wear it as often is practical for all to see.   But, the big thing is, if I get the jersey I will ride the Challenge Ride.  This is new this year, they offer the traditional routing to Seattle as done in my previous two years, or the Challenge Ride.  This one is further, hillier and all round nastier.   If I can raise the money, as a thanks to all of you who have supported me, I will take on this epic feat of craziness and ride the Challenge Ride.

If you know of someone who hasn’t donated, and they’re looking to donate, let me know and I’ll harass them.  Or, if you really want me to do the Challenge Ride, contribute a little bit more, push me over the top!

Thanks for helping fight cancer, helping search for the cure, and thanks for helping me out on my ride.


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No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple.



Note that there is another Fund raising Ceilidh on Friday, March 23 at the Scottish Cultural Centre.  This is a great cause for a great Children’s Hospital Operating Room nurse whose 5 year old daughter has had to go to Boston for surgery for a bone cancer in her face.

The family is in great need of financial help.  This nurse is an exceptional part of our staff and we are looking for many ways to support him and his family through this very difficult time.   So plan and all coming along to lend your support.

Tickets for the Heather Ball are still available and you won’t want to miss this super dance with the fantastic music of the Scottish Accent and on the wonderful sprung wooden floor of the Gizeh Temple.  The ticket price is $75 and can be bought online – www.rscdsvancouver.org or phone Mary Ann at 604-929-2944.   Get your tickets NOW.

The next Ceilidh Dance is on Friday, March 30, 2012 – that is one week on Friday.

Please help spread the word about all the Ceilidh Dances as that is the best (and cheapest) form of advertising. Here is a link where you can watch a short video of a Ceilidh Dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MvUwZnY9Ms

The format for all of the regular monthly Ceilidh Dances will be the same with the class from 7 — 8 p.m. and the dance from 8 — 11 p.m. and all dances will be walked and talked through. The price is only – $10 or $8 for students which, for what you get is a super bargain — everyone is welcome. No partner is required and you should wear FLAT, comfy shoes and loose clothing. Children are also welcome but should be prepared to dance with other people as some of the dances require a change or partner. Don’t forget to bring a few extra $$$$ to help defray the cost of the refreshments which are otherwise free.

The schedule for the 2011/12 season shapes up as follows:

All on Fridays of course —

March 30
April 27

Come along and get some great exercise while also having lots of fun.   This month we are working on improving the strength of the smile muscles.  Please do your best to assist us in letting as many people know as possible.  Use Face-book, e-mail, telephone or even word of mouth and tell everyone you know what a fun night it is.  We need to attract students from UBC, SFU and all the other colleges and universities.  Somehow we have to get word out to these students.   Please do all you can to help us.   Come one, come all to the same place (Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street, Vancouver) and the same time (7 p.m. for the class and 8 – 11 p.m. for the dance) and the same amazing price ($10 or $8 for students.)

Kippford Beach

You should check the website – www.vancouverceilidh.org – from time to time as you can find various pages listing “Ceilidhs and Events;” Classes:” Duncan’s List;” etc.   On these pages you can check all the upcoming events, where all the classes are located, times, etc. and some places to find Scottish things or some local trades, etc.   I will continue to highlight the more current events in each week’s newsletter but, as stated, the calendar of all events will be available on the website.  You should also have a look at the Vancouver Branch website from time to time – www.rscdsvancouver.org – as there is always useful information on it and it is a very good looking site.

For those who enjoy listening to Scottish music, song, banter etc. try www.andysceilidh.co.uk/ this is a radio programme that you can get sent to you and listen any time you want.

The Branch has opened a Facebook Page at   “RSCDS-Vancouver”  – check it out there are some good pictures etc.  www.facebook.com/rscdsvancouver.   There is a  link on both our website www.vancouverceilidh.org and the Branch website www.rscdsvancouver.org

It really is never too late to come along and join in one of many Scottish Country Dance (SCD) classes and NOW is a great time to do it.   You will be made very welcome.  Many classes have a policy that the first night is FREE!  Plan to come along to try out a class next week.   There are classes all around and on different nights so GIVE IT A GO!

For those who don’t know SCD is a fabulous pastime which is super exercise for body and mind. SCD is, naturally, rooted in Scotland but there are groups in almost every country so you can learn here and then dance with other groups when you vacation or travel. SCD is not to be confused with Highland Dancing which is more solo dancing. SCD is usually done with a partner in groups or sets however you do not need to come with a partner. It is more akin to Square Dancing. It takes a year or two of classes, workshops, etc. to get the basics learnt then you can hone your skills in advanced classes. You start by learning the steps and formations. Dances (of which there are over 13,000) are made up of these formations so a good grounding will give you the ability to learn a new dance fairly quickly. SCD has its HQ in Scotland and is known as the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) and there is a Vancouver Branch of the RSCDS under which there are many clubs throughout the Province (there also are Branches in Victoria and Seattle). There are a great many classes and the ones in the Vancouver area are listed below. Come along — check us out — the first night is usually free and thereafter it will average about $6 a night and that’s for a 2 hour class! You will find many friendly people who will be eager to help you and welcome you to their club. You never know you actually might like it!!

Check the list of classes at either at www.vancouverceilidh.org or www.rscdsvancouver.org.   Note that the latter website has the latest updates to temporary changes to times and locations

as well there are classes all up and down Vancouver Island, a number of the Gulf Islands, the Cariboo, Okanagan, etc. etc. and there are various groups all over this great Province, Country, World and who knows where else! Check the Branch website for all these details – www.rscdsvancouver.org

Also the Inverary Step Dance class on Wednesdays in the French School, 1555 West 7th Ave., Vancouver- info b_campbell@dccnet.com


For upcoming events see www.vancouverceilidh.org and www.rscdsvancouver.org.  

Other announcements etc:

Seattle Branch – info at www.rscds-seattle.org

Our Challenge Class will return to meet at the Phinney Neighborhood Association – Room #7 (6532 Phinney Ave. N, Seattle) on Mar 9, 2012.  We have the room from 7:00, and because we need time to set up, class will meet from 7:25 – 9:25pm.  Fee $7 for RSCDS members and $9 for others.

Note that the classes are on the second Friday of the month.

Following up on requests, the plan is do much more technique,  We will do fewer dances most weeks and spend more time on improving personal technique – steps and formations.  As in any class, team work and sociability will be a major focus.  We will be delving into old books and also bringing in new dances to complement the programme.  If you have dances you specially would like to do let me know.


The next regular monthly Ceilidh Dance will be held on Friday, March 30, 2012 in the Scottish Cultural Centre, 8886 Hudson Street, (73rd & Hudson which is between Oak & Granville), Vancouver.  We need everyone to help us get as many new comers (as well as former Ceilidh Dancers) as possible to come and join us.  WE Really NEED YOUR HELP to advertise the Ceilidh Dances!!!!   What a nice thoughtful gift it could be if you gave your friends admission to the Ceilidh Dance.   They don’t need to know it only costs $10 – it is worth so much more in fun, exercise and camaraderie. Use any access to free adverts etc. You can also use things like  the Youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh2HV3OPBgw or the Face-book page

https://www.facebook.com/p.php?i=116203315&k=Z5C5Y4TZPT6G6BD1PKZZTWQQQ6BAW26L34AV&oid=164741310207760 Suggestions to improve our advertising are always welcome.    Don’t forget to tell them about the website www.vancouverceilidh.org and get them to “subscribe” to the newsletter.

The cost is still the amazingly low price of $10 or $8 for students and we provide refreshments although we do ask for your donations towards their cost. We always need your support both by coming along and by helping us to advertise these dances by whatever means you use to communicate with your friends be it e-mail, Face-Book, Twitter, Text or even telephone! Most of you have been to at least one Ceilidh Dance so you know how it goes. You don’t need a partner; you don’t need any experience; you should wear FLAT soft soled shoes; we walk, talk, and call every dance and you should come to have fun and have a good evening on exercise and entertainment and maybe even to learn!

There is a FREE class from 7 — 8 p.m. and the dance from 8 — 11 p.m. with music by Calanais. Remember to bring some extra cash so you can make a donation towards the cost of the refreshments. Without these donations we will have to increase the price of admission again!!

If you have any questions regarding the Ceilidh Dances send them to me at ceilidh@rscdsvancouver.org

Please check the website – www.rscdsvancouver.org for updates, pictures and news. Dance — it is good for your health.

Keep sending jokes, pictures and info you wish to have included.   Don’t forget to look at our web pages at www.vancouverceilidh.org

If you know of anyone who would like to be on the mailing list please send them the web address – www.vancouverceilidh.org and ask them to subscribe.  I am delighted that we have gone over 350 so the next goal is 400 before the end of the season.   If anyone has good pictures from the Ceilidh Dances please send them to me so I can put them on the web page.

If you have any announcements please send them to me preferably in Word; Times New Roman 12pt format with a layout similar to the one used in this newsletter. I occasionally hear of an event somewhere in our beautiful Province, on the Island or in the Interior, but don’t know all the details. This newsletter reaches out to some 362 subscribers all over the Province, Country and to many other countries as well, so please send me the details of your event and I will only be too happy to include them. Note- I normally compose the newsletters on Sundays.

Loch Arklett

Thanks hope to see you at a dance class, a Ceilidh Dance or somewhere nice.   Enjoy yourselves – come Scottish Country Dancing – for you never know you just might …..!  

Duncan ceilidh@rscdsvancouver.org